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  • Our response time in Rocklea is 25 minutes on average;
  • We service 7 days a week, including after hours;
  • 16 years of experience;
  • We value punctuality and meeting our on-time commitments;
  • No hidden costs;
  • Battery replacement at your place and we take old battery to recycle.

Each battery is tested by computer diagnostic equipment, and customers are sold only high quality batteries.

Electrical equipment, diagnostics.

A fully discharged battery is not loaded in the car. This requires stationary charging, it is better to trust a specialist.

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up to 25min.

What is working hours?

We cover Rocklea, Brisbane 24/7 even on Weekends and Public holidays

What is response time?

We know Brisbane well. That’s why we can guarantee that our response will be fastest. On average we come to our customers in less than 25 minutes.

What we service?

Our proffesional staff can help you with all electrical system in your car, motorcycle, truck or marine. We are mobile electricians & car battery shop, so that means we come to you. 

How much do our batteries cost?

All our batteries are highly competitively priced. With delivery and installation only if needed this is simplified choice to get a high-quality battery that does suit your needs and budget. We can ensure you, it won’t be a surprise after work – Just fill the Quote Form. Our technician will get in touch with you and you will know the estimated price for the job.

Quick tips

To avoid dead car battery, try to replace it every four years, even you think the battery looks in a good condition. Especially if you are driving a diesel-powered car. Its engine needs more energy to start, so the battery will wear out much faster.

When you buy a new battery, check its original operating value. If you buying from us – we will do that for you.

Take care all of the electrical system, especially in autumn or winter, when it is exposed to moisture.

If the car is difficult to start, it is not necessarily the fault of the battery.

Here you can find more information –  about car battery.

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If the car battery is 100 percent at 20 degrees Celsius, with a 0 degrees Celsius battery capacity down to 60 percent, making it a bit more difficult to start the car. During the autumn or winter is a real test for the batteries. In winter, the starter needs much more energy than the summer, because the engine oil is thickened by the cold. Remember, if the battery is not charged, you will not start the car in winter or summer.

A badly charged battery is one of the most common problems. It is recommended to check the battery condition in the autumn to avoid worries in winter.

Another problem is driving over short distances. The starter consumes a lot of energy to start the car, and when running close to the generator it is not able to charge it enough. Therefore, the battery runs out over time. To fully charge the car battery, you need to drive for eight hours continuously.

Similarly, when you drive in car congestion. The generator does not produce enough energy to charge the car battery. After all, the car uses energy not only when it comes to starting it, but also for seat heating, opening windows or listening to music.

The battery will also run out if you do not use the car for an extended period of time. For an unused car, electricity is required to keep alarms, watches, and so on. t. operation.

How to choose the right battery?

To choose the right battery, you will need to pay attention to the type of battery, its capacity and power. The first thing you should consider is the size of the battery. Since today’s market offers a wide range of batteries, first of all, when buying a battery, make sure it fits into space for your battery. More about it here – guide, how to choose a car battery.

How often do I need to replace my battery?

The battery status is indicated by the indicator. It changes color depending on the electrolyte density. The color is black when the battery is discharged or green if it is charged. If you need professional advice on your car battery, please contact us.