Frequently Asked Questions

What Areas Best Batteries service?

We are Brisbane wide and include all areas. Redland city, Logan, Ipswich, Moreton Bay and other areas on request. If you have a question just fill in the request service tab and we aim to answer all inquiries promptly.
Our Mobile services in Brisbane cover these areas (you can check for every Suburb):
Brisbane CBD  |   Brisbane East  |  Brisbane Southside
Brisbane Westside  |  Brisbane Northside

How quickly can Best Batteries come to me?

In most cases, we can attend within the same hour of your call, depending on traffic conditions. Our service is 24/7 every day including weekends and public holidays.

How much do your batteries cost?

All our batteries are highly competitively priced. With delivery and installation only if needed this is simplified choice to get a high-quality battery that does suit your needs and budget. We can ensure you, it won’t be a surprise after work – Just fill the Quote Form below. Our technician will get in touch with you and you will know the estimated price for the job.

Do I need to be a member?

Not at all! We are a service provider just like any other workshop, except we come to you. With that mobility, we are able to help you on the road and at your place when the car battery doesn’t start after night!

Do Best Batteries provide with a warranty?

All our batteries exceed OEM manufacturer specifications. This is why all the batteries we supply and fit carry up to 36 months warranty. For full warranty terms and conditions please see each product specifications and fitment requirements.

What is a Deep Cycle battery?

A deep cycle battery is designed to withstand regular deep discharge cycles (discharge and recharge equal to one cycle) using most of its capacity without affecting the battery life as they plates are thicker and grid designed to prevent from buckling.

What is a Calcium battery type?

Full calcium battery has both negative and positive plates added with calcium and it is preferred the choice to most automotive use applications. Calcium battery with die-cast grid stops electrolyte loss through gassing and allows battery container to be fully sealed and maintenance free. This is the most cost-effective battery we offer as they are less likely to be affected by extreme heat and provide higher power on demand by modern vehicles.

Do you take an old car battery when replacing?

Yes, we do. It is important to us, as a service provider to be responsible. Every old car battery, motorcycle battery, truck or marine battery is taken by us, are carefully dispatched for recycling. Why it is important, you can read more in our blog post – Car battery recycling.

My car won’t start – how do I know If I need an alternator or a starter motor?

If you have noticed a battery light coming on while the engine is running. This would indicate an issue with alternator or charging system components. In cases where your vehicle has trouble to turn over the engine to start and the battery is tested to be in good fully working condition, this could indicate starter motor problem. All of those issues can be tested by our mobile service technicians and further electrical or mechanic repairs offered for prompt repair to suit your needs.

How long does a car battery last?

Most people depend on a car to get to places. Sometimes Car battery can easily turn the morning rush hour. But you can prevent from being stuck waiting to get a jumpstart or a new battery. Here’s is what you need to know.
Days where most of the batteries for cars were lead-acid type only a long time in the past. Today first step would be to identify what type of battery does your vehicle need. While most of the time average lifespan of typical Calcium-Calcium car battery is anywhere between 3 to 4 years or 50.000 to 65.000 kilometers, depending on the application. Most reputable battery experts would recommend replacing in other circumstances too. Like visual battery case deformation due to heat or plate sulphation. Acid caused corrosion to battery terminals or leaks. More about battery life span in our blog post – How long should Car battery last?

What causes the battery to wear the most?

The first and probably most important thing is to have the correct battery fitted to your car. Another important factor is the type of driving you to do. Short trips will affect the state of charge. With a correct size, type and capacity battery you need at least 12-15min run to recharge after each startup. While upgrading to AGM (VRLA) battery type could be a great option to get fast charge absorption and prevent early failure and replacement. Things like fitting cheapest biggest in size battery for a car with low amperage or worn alternator will have a very limited life and constant undercharge conditions. All of those reasons will cause your car battery to reach the point where it can no longer hold a charge despite it appears ok. 

What is the warranty on your work?

We provide 12 months of our work warranty & up to 24 months battery warranty (all our car batteries all new OEM, hence product has a manufacturer warranty)

Does it matter what make or model my car is?

Our service covers all make and model of car of any age.

Can Best Batteries Brisbane do all Car Repairs?

We are mobile electricians, with 16 years of experience, so could cover you in most electric issues with the battery, starter or car alternator.

Can I replace a Stop-Start battery without configuring it?

It is possible but we truly not recommend to go without configuration. This could cause issues with vehicles electrical system, Idle stop-start system, or undercharging, overcharging of the battery.