How To Choose The Longest-lasting Car Battery

Buying the longest-lasting battery

When making a purchase people usually try to find a perfect balance between price and quality. As difficult as it may often be, we will help you find the longest-lasting battery, educate on what you should and should not focus on when making the purchase.

Car Battery Brands

There are so many car battery brands. You can find a variety of car batteries in Brisbane by walking into stores like Supercheap and get brands such as Marshall or Century Batteries. At Best Batteries, we offer the best prices with the most optimal battery for your vehicle and also bring them to your door. So the question has to be asked, is it worth buying a well-known brand and pay the extra buck or should you look for car batteries of a lower cost? Our answer is simple – it is not about the brand, it is all about the parameters of a product. For example, Century Batteries are advertising as the best battery for the Australian market just because they are made in Australia. And that is very untrue because the location where the battery is manufactured does prove that it is somehow better than the ones made overseas. There are more variables that go into a long-lasting car battery.

longest-lasting car battery

Battery Capacity

The most important rating when buying a car battery is its capacity. Battery Capacity is measured in CCA (Cold Cranking Amperes). CCA is a measurement of the current a fully charged battery can deliver for 30 seconds and maintain a voltage of 7.2 volts at a temperature of -18°C. It is also the most popular industry rating.

When making a purchase, it is extremely important to compare the rating on the label to the actual capacity the battery is producing at the time of installation. What that means is that if the battery has been manufactured a long time ago, it loses its CCA.

Let’s say you get a technician to replace your car battery or you are making a purchase in brick and mortar store like Supercheap and planning on replacing the battery yourself. Be sure that it is tested by asking the salesperson or a mechanic to see the capacity reading. If it matches the label, the battery is in an excellent condition and is newly manufactured. This way you know that your new purchase will hold-up and there will not be a need for a replacement any time soon.

Is higher capacity better than lower?

No, it does not mean that the battery with the highest capacity will last the longest. Some cars are not suited for high cold-cranking amperes. This is why it is important to know what parameters suit your vehicle best as it varies from car to car. Every engine needs a specific CCA. You can find more information on that in our Choosing the correct battery for your car blog or by contacting a car batteries specialist in Brisbane.

As we are a mobile battery replacement service in Brisbane, it is important to note that many manufacturers have designed batteries with excessively high cold cranking amps and that comes at the expense of other more relevant design factors. With more plates added into a battery to generate higher CCA’s, the size of the plate and separator material is usually sacrificed. That works well in colder climates, but not in places like Brisbane where the temperature is usually pretty high. As a result, vibration, constant idling and corrosion may shorten the lifespan of the battery.

HCA (Hot Cranking Amperes)

For hot weather conditions, if the manufacturer displays it, it is beneficial to take hot cranking amperes into consideration as well. It is a rating specifically made for applications in warm conditions as the warmer the temperature the more available power from the battery. To get more technical, it is a measurement of the current a fully charged battery can deliver for 30 seconds and maintain a voltage of 7.2 volts at a temperature of 26.7°C. We have to outline that only CCA and CA (Cranking Amps) ratings are approved by the Battery Council International (BCI) and hot cranking amperes are not. For this reason, you will rarely find this parameter displayed but it is something to bear in mind.


As there are many stores like Supercheap and even more car battery brands like Marshall Batteries and Century Batteries, we have to outline that it is important to look at the parameters and not the brand itself. First of all, know the CCA (Cold Cranking Amperes) that your car requires and when making a purchase ask the salesperson or a mechanic to see the capacity reading. Best Batteries brings the most optimal battery for your vehicle, brings it to your doorstep and installs it.

If you are unsure what battery to buy – contact a specialist. If you are unable to start your car due to the dead battery or it died on the road, call a mobile battery replacement services.