Dealing with flat batteries every day, we fully understand how stressful could be when the car doesn’t start. Especially when it unexpectedly happens during your shopping at the mall, travelling or just in your garage over the night.

Vehicles of today need extra care installing the replacement battery. Anything from hybrid electric, to stop-start and advanced technology diesel. It’s difficult to keep up with modernization in vehicle and battery technology. That’s why we’re here.

At the Best Batteries, we provide full service at your place. You don’t have to worry about what type of battery you need or how to tow your car to local auto repairs. Having mobile technicians with tools and batteries in our store we can cover you at your place! 

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25 Minutes

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We are working 24/7 Including Holidays

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City of Brisbane, City of Ipswich, Logan City, Moreton Bay Region, Redland City.

We have technicians with over 16 years of experience and our offered batteries are brand new OEM so we can offer you – up to 36 months Warranty!

The long-term experience let us provide and install batteries in Brisbane to all passenger vehicle including stop/start, AGM, EFB and heavy-duty. Single and dual batteries including 24v truck battery systems and dedicated truck batteries for Kenworth and Western star.

Automotive battery

Batteries are an important part of the car, without it, vehicles cannot move, you won’t be able to listen to music or even illuminate the road in the dark. It is a power-generating device, which, due to the intensive use, especially in modern cars, it slows down quite quickly and needs to be replaced by a new one.

Most common signs that you need a new battery:

  • The vehicle will not start
  • Radio or headlights will not operate or are dim
  • Vehicle sluggish to start

Why does this happen?
The biggest Enemy for a car battery is forgetfulness. Left turned on headlights for a few hours, definitely will drain your battery. Your battery can also drain overnight if there are faulty electrical components or wiring. 

It needs working time to recharge the battery. If your trips with a car take only 20 minutes or so, it might be, that your battery doesn’t have time to fully recharge. In a bit longer period your battery life going shorter and shorter. Weather temperature has significant value in killing batteries. A lot of times, waiting until chilly weather to replace your battery is often too late.

With these simple steps, you can improve your car battery life

Batteries normally have a maximum life expectancy of two or three years, even if manufacturers say they will last five years or more.

  • Continually check the electrolyte level in the battery compartments and add the distilled water if necessary. The electrolyte level should be 10-15 mm above the lead element block. If frequent and large amounts of water are needed (this does not apply to unused accumulators), then check the generator voltage regulator;
  • Do not leave the battery uncharged! Charge it as soon as possible. Due to the physical-chemical attributes of the battery, in the case of deep discharges, the decomposition of the active substance contained in the lead plates begins. This process is irreversible, resulting in the loss of capacity and power of the unloaded battery;
  • The outside of the battery must be clean and dry
  • Do not leave an unused car for more than 10 days with an alarm;
  • Do not leave the car with unnecessary, power consuming devices turned on.
  • Battery charging car equipment should work well. When operating on the motor, the voltage on the connected battery pins must be between 13.8V and 14.5V, regardless of whether the additional power receivers (long/short light, glass heating, fan, air conditioner, audio equipment, etc.) are switched on or not;

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