Starter Motor replacement



What is the Starter motor?

It is an electric motor for rotating the internal combustion engine until it starts. The following parts of the starter are normally: Housing, Overrunning clutch (Bendix drive in older starters), Armature, Coils, Brushes, Solenoid. Of course, it might vary as a starter motor has types like hydraulic, pneumatic, etc. 

Essentially, the starter motor provides ‘the crank’ to start your vehicles motor. It relies on your battery to provide the power to do this. So, if your battery is flat, your starter cannot start your motor. However, if you require a starter motor repair you will often hear a ‘tick sound’ as it attempts to perform its function, letting you know the starter motor is damaged.

More symptoms that your starter motor requires replacement

Starter motor crashes are a common problem. Although when the engine doesn’t start – it is one of the common signs when you need starter motor replacement, there are more indications of starter motor failure.

  • Starter engages but doesn’t spin the motor
  • Clicking
  • Starter stays on after engine started
  • Grinding noise when trying to start the motor
  • Smell or see smoke when starting the motor

Brisbane Mobile Starter Motor Replacement

If you can’t start the motor at rest area, shopping mall, gas station or even at your garage-  the Car towing to auto repairs could cost you a lot of money as well as your spent time! We are providing full service at your place on the same day. Our technicians are fully prepared to replace all kind of Starter motors for cars, 4WD and even trucks!

Best Batteries team can replace most Starter motors with our convenient mobile car starter motor replacement service. Our service is available 365 days a year from 6 am to 7 pm others times possible on request. Our mobile car electrics service is available in all Brisbane areas. Also bookings possible for Gold Coast and anywhere in between. Just ask us for help.

We cover all Brisbane areas: the City of Brisbane, City of Ipswich, Logan City, Moreton Bay Region, Redland City
and we ALWAYS come on time!

We have technicians with over 16 years of experience and our alternators are brand new OEM so we can offer you 
1 year, unlimited kilometres Warranty!

Our Starter motor replacement process when we attend to your place:

  • The charging system will be inspected and tested, including alternator output and the battery.
  • The starter is unbolted from its location at the flywheel, where the engine and transmission join
  • A new starter will be fitted, then the mounting bolts are tightened to the proper torque
  • The wiring will be refitted and the car is lowered to the ground
  • The battery will be reconnected, then the ignition is turned to ensure proper operation

How much does it cost to replace the starter?

The cost of Starter motor replacement isn’t the same thing for everyone. As we mentioned, there are different types of this car part and also there are factors like – your location, your car year and model (even the Starter motor is pretty much in the same place on everyone’s cars, the access could be worse or better).

The average cost of a starter motor replacement is around $400 to $600, although specialty and luxury models may be significantly more. You can get an accurate quote by calling us or by filling our super easy enquiry form below.