What Battery for my Car. Simple Guide to help you out

Your car has been recently stopping on the highway and it is getting frustrating for you. Each time the car stops, you must get a jump start by a car passing by. You take your car in for a diagnostic checkup and learn that your car battery is very low and almost dead. You will need a new car battery, but which one is the best for your car?

This article will help you in making the right decision on how to choose a car battery for your car.

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Now.. Let’s clear what you need to know!

How to choose the right one?

The first thing that you must know is how much out of pocket expenses are you willing to pay for your next new car battery. The next thing to do is to pay attention to your car’s old battery to see the group number which is located on the top of your car battery. The group number will tell you the length, width, and height of your car battery. It also tells you the polarity of your car battery and the location of the terminals. There are top terminal batteries and side terminal batteries. The polarity is the negative and positive ends of your car battery.

You will also need the power of your car battery which is measured in cranking amps and cold cranking amps. The higher the amps in your car battery the more powerful your battery will be. Higher amps also mean a more expensive battery for your car. The group number is also called the BCI number located on the top of your battery casing. When you purchase a new car battery, you will want to match this information from your old battery as much as possible on your new battery.

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Determine Your Out of Pocket Expense

You will need to make a decision on how much you want to pay for your car battery. A really good car battery can cost in the hundreds of dollars so you want to get the best deal possible on your car battery.

Check the Date on Your The Battery

All car batteries have dates on them. Before you buy a battery today, you will want to check the battery date. Do not purchase a car battery that is more than one or two months old. Batteries are made today with acid which will corrode after deteriorating your car battery after a few months.

You will want to go to a store that offers a lot of batteries. Make sure and look at the date on your battery before you buy to make sure that it is no more than 2 months old. Anything older and you run the risk of having your battery going dead really quickly.

Sealed and Unsealed Water Cap on Your Battery

There are some batteries that come with a seal cap that you can take off and add your own water. There are also some batteries that do not offer the sealed cap and are called unsealed batteries. These types of batteries do not have a cap that you can take off. The water inside is already pre-measured. If you are going to be diligent and check the water in your car battery, then buying a battery with an unsealed cap will work for you. Otherwise, you will need to buy a sealed top battery where the acid inside does not need to be manually replaced.

Check With The Experts Before Purchasing

There are many car maintenances and parts stores that offer advice on which is the best battery for your car. Many places will ask the make and model of your car and tell you what is the best car battery for you to purchase. When you get the advice of an expert before purchasing your next car battery, you should minimize the risk of buying a car battery that is too small, too large or not productive enough for your vehicle.

Another option – call for mobile car battery replacement company, which will bring the right type of battery to your place and will take old one for recycling. It’s the best option for those who are in a rush.


In today’s marketplace, batteries are built with acid already inside. The acid slowly deteriorates your car battery. If you purchase an unsealed cap battery, then you can remove the battery acid inside and add distilled water instead for a longer lasting battery life. The distilled water helps to rejuvenate the battery and offers less stress on your car’s engine.


The lithium-ion battery or electronic battery is probably one of the best car batteries for your car. The battery is often used on motorcycles as well. It does not have the acid inside that can deteriorate your car battery quickly. While it can be the best battery for your car, it is also expensive while boosting in the upper hundreds of dollars for purchase.


Another great option for a car battery is the absorbed glass matte battery. This battery is also very expensive costing in the upper hundreds of dollars and is primarily used for professional car racing vehicles and is considered the elite of car batteries.

As with anything you purchase, do your homework. Remember that today’s batteries are already made with an acid inside of them, which helps them to quickly corrode and deteriorate. If you are diligent with changing the water inside your car battery, then purchase the unsealed top and add water to your battery as needed. Otherwise, you will need to buy the sealed top which already has the water needed by your car battery pre-measured inside.

There are certain types of battery that are better than the typical lead-based battery you normally use. They include lithium ion or the electronic battery and the absorbed glass matte battery. Always remember to ask the experts about what is the best car battery for your car? They have the experience you need and will know what car battery will work best for you.

Be prepared to give them your make, model and year of your car, so that they can tell you the best car battery that you will need.